Today I came across a new online radio station I’d not heard of before called Red Shift Radio. It’s based just up the road from me in Crewe and they have a show on Saturday lunchtime called ‘Scout and About’. To quote their Twitter account

Radio show about Scouting and the local community. Hosted by the Explorer Scouts and Leaders of 1st Alsager Scout Group. Saturdays 12-2

Alsager Group are a few months older than my own Group having also started in 1908. The are geographically in Cheshire but for Scouting purposes they are in Staffordshire and in Potteries North District.

I listened to their show for the first time today and it seemed quite interesting. It is done in the style of a traditional radio show with talking and music (no music on the listen again feature though). They had picked up on the fire at Kidsgrove Scout Group the day before, so they are obviously keeping their eye out for local stories. They also covered stuff in the latest Scouting magazine, student tuition fees and the videos the Scout Association puts out.

Based on listening to one show, it sounded good, so if you get chance please have a listen.

A New Scouting Podcast

Those fine folks at PTC Media have done it again and created a new podcast! The new one is ‘Moms In Scouting Service’ and is a podcast ‘from the perspective of volunteering mothers’. Obviously, it has an American slant (odd that, as they are all Americans!), but it is still an interesting listen and puts across some good points – we’re all Scouts after all, no matter which county!

I’ve said this before, but I think the PTC stuff is always very interesting and very professionally produced. They are also a very friendly bunch who are welcoming to ‘us foreigners’!

BUT, they are American and not British, like wot I am! This is no disrespect to them, but I’d quite like to listen to something a bit more local to me as well. The only one I can find is Scouting Radio based in Dublin.

So I thought ‘Google to the rescue’ – not quite. Searching for ‘Scouting Podcasts’ brings up these results which shows up a lot of BSA stuff and a lot of Cubmaster Chris’s earlier efforts which he posted in various places (interesting to listen to). Doing the same search with the UK filter on gives these results which has my own very modest efforts at the top Embarrassed

It’s a shame more UK Scouters don’t do podcasts, or blogs for that matter, as I’m sure we all have a lot to offer each other.

Some Reflections on Podcasting

It’s nearly a year since I produced my first podcast and since then I’ve produced another 19. A few thoughts so far.

As I reflect on the podcasts I’ve done so far, I know that the quality has been variable! Not just the actual audio quality, which has improved as I’ve got a better microphone and have a better idea of editing  etc, but also the content. But I’d like to think it’s improved as time has gone on.

One thing I’ve learned is that it’s better to write out a full script of what I’m going to say beforehand and not to ad lib too much. Recording a podcast just off the top of my head doesn’t work and I end up editing out about half of the recorded content! However, when everything is written down on 3 – 4 sides of paper, it feels like I have a lot to say, but it works out at around only ten minutes. That seems a long time to talk, but not much when listening. Perhaps 15 – 20 minutes would be better. But it makes a better podcast to be interesting, relevant and short than for one full of waffle and long!

The other thing I’ve found is that I tend to put them out in fits and starts. This is down to available time and thinking of something potentially interesting to say! The latter is the more difficult to arrange!

The last two podcasts where I chatted with Shawn Cleary (I won’t go so far as to say ‘interviewed’ as that sounds far too grand), have worked well and given a couple of interesting podcasts.

I’d like to do some more podcasts with guests in the future and I’m always interested in hearing what people think of what I’m putting out and if there’s anything you want to hear about.

A Conversation with Shawn Cleary – part 2 (Podcast)

Podcast number 19. This is part two of the conversation I had with Shawn Cleary from the True North Scouting blog and podcast. This time we talk about camp fire, songs & skits, Scouting both internationally and locally and the enthusiasm of the Scouts.

Don’t forget this is podcast is available on iTunes as well!

Once again, many thanks to Shawn for coming on and chatting to me.

Please feel free to leave any feedback.

A Conversation with Shawn Cleary – part 1 (Podcast)

144x144tn Podcast number 18. As promised last time, I’ve done something a little different – I have a guest! Shawn Cleary from the True North Scouting blog and podcast was good enough to join me for a chat on Sunday afternoon / morning (depending on your time zone!).

We talk about his new Troop, knives, the media and fires.

If you haven’t already read or listened to Shawn’s stuff, I’d highly recommend you pop by his site.

Please feel free to leave any feedback – you never know, it may even be possible to do so on iTunes as well!

Part 2 soon – enjoy.

A Quick Update (Podcast)

Podcast number 17. A quick update of what my Group has been up to in September. I will doing another podcast within the next 10 –14 which will be somewhat different, so watch this space.

I actually recorded this on Monday, uploaded it and forgot it was saved as a draft, hence the delay in posting! Must remember to switch the brain on occasionally…… 😉

Scouter Jeff Speaks!

I was chatting to Scouter Jeff the other night (or afternoon in his part of the world – California) and he mentioned that he’s started a podcast. So I checked it out. And very good it is too.

He talks about about himself, gives a camping tip, a Leader’s tip, his Favourite (ok I’ve used English English spelling here!) Cub Scout memory and talks about adult Leader mentorship.

So please take the time to have a listen. I’m sure there will be Dutch Oven recipes coming in the future, which will be interesting as I’m quite interested in trying one of these sometime.

You can get his first podcast here or on iTunes!

Update 21/05/12: Sadly Jeff’s podcasts are no longer available 🙁

I Won!


Back in April on the Leader’s Campfire show number 62, there was a trivia show. At the end of the show, a competition was launched for listeners to answer the questions that the show’s participants weren’t able to answer. All the questions came from the BSA’s 1984 Boy Scout Handbook.

So I thought I’d have a go! First of all I am at an instant disadvantage as I’ve never seen a copy of the Boy Scout Handbook and nor am I likely to unless I send off to the States for one. However I have a computer (obviously!) and Google! So I looked up what I thought the answers would be, and sent off my email thinking I’d never hear any more of it.

However, on show 63, they announced that I’d come second! I was amazed to be honest.

Today my prize arrived and it looks like I haven’t bankrupted PTC Media through postage charges. I’ve had some badges (which will go on my blanket) and a DVD (yes 1.6 Gb full of goodies) with loads of resources courtesy of InsaneScouter. That should keep me good for a while!

So a big thank you to all at PTC media and InsaneScouter, it was very good of you to send me the stuff, especially as it was more expensive to send it to the UK!

Shameless Self Promotion and a Question!

Just a quick reminder that any podcast I do is available through iTunes, so please take a look and have a listen!

And now the question. If a review or a rating is left on iTunes do you get any notification?

The reason I wonder about this aloud is that as I access iTunes through the UK store (naturally), when I look at the PTC Media shows, for example, none have any reviews or ratings. I know these shows do have lots feedback (& quite rightly so). This makes me wonder that if any of my friends in the USA have left any feedback etc. for me, how do I know?

This isn’t a ‘please leave me lots of great reviews’ type thing, but just a genuine interest to see if the UK and US iTunes stores are ‘separate’ when it comes to free podcasts.

If anyone knows the answer please let me know (feedback, contact form, email, carrier pigeon……).