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Monthly Archive for July, 2006


After finally getting round to sorting out the garage, we've had a few odd things that needed to be got rid of. Normally these would have gone down to the tip, but as there was nothing actually wrong with them we tried a different approach. We had a fridge freezer, a freezer, a rabbit hutch […]

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Last night we went to one of the local working men's clubs as we had been promised a donation from their ladies darts team. Now I have to admit, I was not looking forward to it as working men's clubs are not my cup of tea. However, we were made welcome and when it came […]

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Little Gits

I think Mummy & Daddy are away next door as their evil offspring that have been left behind are being even more obnoxious and anti social than usual. The other night they were round the back and round the front with their mates shouting and arseing about until well after midnight, and then yesterday, they […]

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Who Needs Spain?

It was a glorious day yesterday, so we decided to go to Llandudno for the day. All we did was have a wander in the town, sit on the beach and had a paddle – it was great! What more can you ask for? 

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Winding Down…….

Well, virtually all the staff here at work are. Everyone is saying 'Only one more week to go'. If I hear that again, I'm going to scream! :-@ Only five more to go from my perspective! Some of these people don't know how lucky they are. I went to one of our local primary schools […]

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Due to Carol being made redundant recently, I decided to try for a job with more money. There were two I applied for. One, which I was interviewed for and got offered the job, I had to turn down as I would have lost money due to the extra travelling 🙁 . The other didn't […]

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Gate Fixed

Funny how fixing a gate can be so satisfying! The first winter after we bought the house, I noticed the gate to the back yard got really swollen due to all the wet weather. I didn't do anything for a year, but last year I got round to treating it. No suprise that there was […]

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A Comparison

Yesterday was the 90th anniversery of the first Day of the Battle of The Somme. Nearly 20000 British soldiers died that day.   Yesterday England lost a football match and left the world cup.   Which event was considered the most important?

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