Holidays – Woo Hoo!!!!

Well, three and a half weeks after everyone else has finished for their hols, I finish today!
We’re off to South Devon for a week and then a week at home – can’t wait!!!!!

Not Again

Today, potential attacks on aircraft have been, thankfully, averted. Seems like everything has been done properly and things have been done to ensure people's safety.

So I find it unbelievable that some people are on the news whinging that their flights have been cancelled and potentially their holidays cancelled. Which would these selfish whingers prefer? To be alive and not able to go on holiday, or allowed on a plane and blown up?

Some people just can't see the bigger picture! :@

Not a happy bunny!


I had to take our bunny, Honey, to the vets yesterday. She is never impressed at going to the vets, but I think it was worse yesterday as there were lots of dogs about!

Anyway, she's a bit overweight so it's diet time – poor love.

Oooo shiny

One of the teachers at work came to me just before the end of term saying that they needed a Mac notebook! So I priced one up and the head authorised it on the last afternoon of term. This meant some frantic setting up of accounts with Apple and writing of order forms! So it was put through and I heard nothing more until last week when I was in the office and I saw the order form which said not to be delivered until 6/9/06! Which is why it turned up on Friday! So I've been playing with it and I want it! It's too good for a teacher.