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Monthly Archive for October, 2006


We went to London for a few days over half term. Apart from the fact that it was full of kids (surprise….), I'd forgotten how rude, ignorant and generally up themselves the general population of London are (there are exceptions, my family (!) and their neighbours among them). People try to charge on a Tube […]

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Etruria Again 2

Well I've got a reply from my MP and he's actually forwarded my letter to the Department for Transport ! I await with baited breath……

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I Hate Computers!

Which is a bit silly really as they’re my job! Last week I had a hard drive failure on my main machine at work. For various reasons this took me nearly two days to fix. Then the new Mac notebook we’ve recently had keeps turning itself off for no reason and now I’ve just installed […]

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Can't say much else really!

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Helpers 3

For some reason (not complaining though), the Senticomic published my press release about us needing leaders for the Scout Group again. They did manage to mangle it again! Total number of phone calls ZERO, none, nothing! So thanks people of North Staffordshire, that confirms what I've thought for a while, no-one cares about anything but […]

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We went Blackpool yesterday to see the lights. I'd forgotten what a dump it is! It's filled with people whose idea of a good time is getting as pissed as possible as quick as possible. In fact the only things its got going for it are the Illuminations and the trams! Trouble is the tram […]

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