In 1984, for Christmas, I was given a Hornby Dublo Co Bo. Considering it was over twenty years old it was in good condition and cost Mum & Dad a small fortune! The only problem was that it couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding! I've know that it was the magnet that was duff, but I'd not got round to doing anything about it. Until now. I bought a new one just before Christmas, installed it and now my Co Bo goes!

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Well on Wednesday the County Cabinet threw out the Job Evaluation proposals! Seems they had a bit of feedback from the people! I suspect they were concerned for their jobs come next election!

Lazy Councillors

My County Councillor is a waste of space.  I e-mailed him before Christmas about the County's job evaluation process. It took him over SEVEN weeks to respond and then he didn't do it himself. He got the deputy HR director to do it instead.
The only time you hear of him is when he's in the local paper – useless, lazy sod. Last year he got over £25000 for representing me. The only person he's interested in is himself.