Settle & Carlisle

I'm quite surprised that Virgin are replacing trains between Preston and Carlisle by buses and not by diverting the trains by the S & C .
Although it would take a bit longer, it would be better than having to heard people onto a bus. I guess it has something to do with not having enough locos available – privatisation what a good idea!


Oh dear. A train has come off the rails and turned over in Cumbria tonight. So far, it look like there are no fatalities. If this continues to be the case, this is good news. We will have to wait and see.


Not content to be classed as being one of the worst places in the country to live, having the worst council and having one of the most incompetent county councils, now the Staffordshire Ambulance Service is to merge with the West Midlands one.
The thing is, our ambulance service is the best in the country and West Midlands, put simply – isn’t! So we get the short end of the straw – again…………

County Closes Homes

The County Council’s Cabinet have decided to close the County’s old peoples homes, despite huge protests from the ‘people’!
Typical arrogant behaviour from the Cabinet as usual. I suppose they had to climb down over the job evaluation so they have to push one thing through!
Their motto at the moment is ‘Changing People’s Lives’. I think they mean ‘Ruining Peoples Lives’!

London, England

I find it very amusing during American film or TV series, that whenever they show a new city, they always caption the city's name and state e.g. Los Angeles, CA.
However, when somewhere outside the USA is mentioned, the caption is 'London, England' followed by pictures of Big Ben, Tower Bridge etc. Now I know most Americans don't know much about the outside world, but you'd have to be fairly thick to assume that London referred to London, Ontario (that's Canada!) or London, Minnesota!
But I guess Hollywood has to make things as idiot proof as possible!
When Carol and I were in Canada, they showed foreign news on the TV. They made a point of showing the Special Olympics which were on at the time. In America, the only foreign news was Iraq and sod all about the Special Olympics. Says a lot really!

Snow & School Closing

Well there is a light falling of snow today and schools are closing left right and centre! Except mine. There would have to be a small nuclear explosion before we’d close!
To be fair, it’s not too bad today, so I wouldn’t expect us to close. However, there are a lot of schools that have closed and there is no real reason. Some schools near to where I live are closed. Now it’s not very hilly or particularly exposed round our way so why these schools have closed goodness only knows why!
Probably scared to get sued if little Johnny gets a bit cold 😉

Teacher’s Pay

I see on the NUT website that they are banging on about teachers being underpaid again!
To start as a teacher you get over £19000 plus up to £5000 as a signing on fee. The teachers where I work get extra for working in a special needs school. I guess the minimum amount paid to a full time teacher at my school is around £25000. Over £10000 more than I get. Some of them who are not even management are getting over £40000 a year!
Again the poor dears are not badly paid. My wife works 50 hour weeks, has a hell of a lot more responsibility and still earns less than a teacher who is starting.

Message to the Teaching Unions – try a job in the real world and then see how poorly paid you are! :@

County Council Strikes Again

Well Staffs County Council are showing their true colours again as they now want to close all of their old people’s care homes in 2008.
I think they are determined to upset as many people as possible. I’m sure my County Councillor won’t get off his arse to do something to stop this. Interesting that it’s Newcastle Borough Councillors that have something to say and not the County ones. Mind you it wouldn’t suit my County Councillor’s self promotion to say anything. I’m sure this is supposed to be a Labour council……..
I’ll be glad to get rid of these fools at the next Council elections!

New Leader

Looks like we'll be able to restart our Scout Troop in the near future! One of the Cub parents has volunteered to be a Scout Leader – woo hoo! Just need an ASL now……….