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Monthly Archive for September, 2007

Train Driver!

Today I’ve been to the Churnet Valley Railway’s scenic railcar weekend and rode up and down on a class 104 DMU and a Derby Lightweight single car DMU (Iris). It’s quite interesting to actually be able to see out of the front! It was also nice to travel on older trains which sounded ‘proper’ and […]

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That'll teach me! After writing about not using the internet yesterday, I came into work today to find there was no net! Seems that County had a major problem with its proxy servers. I'll keep me gob shut next time!!!! 😉

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No interweb for 3 days!

I've read this article by a BBC reporter about not using the internet for 3 days. Really makes you think how much we rely on it these days. I must admit I can go without. In fact I did while we were away on holiday, except for a couple of days when I used my […]

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Talk Talk

Well we thought that TalkTalk would be good to go to for our phone and broadband. After all the bad press they've had since they launched their broadband service, we thought everything would have calmed down and things would go easily. Wrong!!! After placing the order with them on 31/08/07, we were told we'd go […]

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Been a bit lazy recently! Went to the Llangollen Railway's steam gala weekend a couple of weeks ago with Mum & Dad. The weather behaved and we had a rather good day out! The railway put on a good selection of locomotives and we all took loads of photos! Mum has even asked to borrow […]

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Nice to see that the Prime Minister thinks that it is right and proper to award public sector workers an annual pay rise that is less than inflation. That means, in effect, that I will be getting a pay cut! You can be sure that when it comes to MP’s pay rises that they will […]

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RIP Sylvester

My sister's daft cat Sylvester has just passed away 🙁

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Holidays are over!

Oh well, after a lovely fortnight off, it’s back to work. A teacher did come up to me yesterday and ask if I’d had a good holiday and then say that is ‘goes so quickly doesn’t it?’. Poor love, only 6 weeks off! Our hols in Devon were great, even the day it rained so […]

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