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Monthly Archive for January, 2008

Preserving Our Past

At the weekend I went and did a bit of research on our Scout Group at the County Records Office and in the Scout Divisional and County archive. At the County Records Office, you are not allowed to take bags in the reading area, you can only use pencil to make notes, books etc. are […]

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100 Years of Scouting in Porthill

About 18 months ago with the build up to the 2007 Scouting Centenary celebrations looming, I thought I’d look into my own Group’s history. We’d (the Scout Group) always known that there had been Scouts in Porthill since 1908, but could I actually prove it? That’s where life started to get interesting! I got in […]

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15 Years!

Last night at the District’s Executive Committee meeting, I was awarded my 15 years long service award! Fifteen years as a Scout Leader, well Assistant Beaver Leader, Assistant Scout Leader, Scout Leader and finally Group Scout Leader! Where did that go???

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New Badges Announced

Seems that the Scout Association are having another publicity blitz with the launching of the new proficiency badges. From what I’ve read in the media and on various web sites (see the BBC’s coverage here), the coverage is still positive. Of course there are those that always make the snide remarks, but we have to […]

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I Need to Learn to Read!

Oh dear. Last night I was getting ready to go to a Group Scout Leader's training weekend, which was to run today and tomorrow. Carol asked to see a copy of the programme, so I printed it out and showed it to her. She then pointed out to me that it was actually arranged for […]

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BETT & St. Pancras

Yesterday I managed to go to see the BETT show at Olympia in London. BETT is one of the largest educational IT shows in the world. We could have spent our IT budget very quickly there! In fact there is so much to see it is slightly overwhelming! On the way back to Euston, we […]

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We Need a Quartermaster

On Friday I went with some of our Leaders to tidy up our Gear Store. This in part preparation for some new storage lockers and cupboards we are going to have built later in the year.  Anyway, we managed to find the floor(!) and discover a load of kit that hadn’t been seen for years! […]

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Longport Station Is Improved

Happy New Year – better late than never! Between Christmas and New Year, I went to Llandudno for the day. Carol was working late so I thought a day out to North Wales would be nice as I haven't been for a while, especially on the train. When I got to Longport, I noticed that […]

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Can’t Sleep

Bother, it’s 0.57 and I can’t sleep. Thank goodness for the BBC Radio Player. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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