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Monthly Archive for September, 2010

Do Brownies Still Exist?

Last night I was chatting to the Mums of two new Beavers. As our conversation progressed, one of the Mums whose daughter had just joined the Colony, asked me if Brownies still existed. Now I have to admit this kind of surprised me. Girl Guiding UK, of which the Brownies are the section for 7 […]

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Safety Culture

Of late various organisations, like Scouts, schools or local councils, have been stopping various activities due to ‘health and safety’. The more ridiculous examples of this has been schools stopping kids playing conkers in the playground to the stopping of the centuries old tradition of cheese rolling. The reasons for this rise in the ‘health […]

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The Microsoft founder is going to be presented with the BSA’s highest honour of the Silver Buffalo Award soon according to this article. No no matter what you may think of Microsoft and its products (and they do have their pros and cons!), Bill Gates has ploughed an awful amount of the money he’s made […]

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Beavers Camping

I was chatting to my Group’s Beaver Leader about the forthcoming Beaver camp (of course Beavers don’t actually camp as such, they have to stay indoors) and she was concerned about the costs. A little background: Beavers can only stay in indoor accommodation and cannot stay away from their parents for more than 24 hours. […]

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Generosity part 2

In my last post I talked a bit about Escouts and the forums they provide. As well as the forums, until recently, they also provided free hosting for UK Scouting websites. This has been of enormous benefit to many Groups around the country who have been able to set up a sit without any cost. […]

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