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Monthly Archive for October, 2010

Beavers Sleepover

At the weekend, my Group’s Beavers went to Kibblestone for a sleep over (camp). The Leaders all went out the night before to get themselves settled in and everything sorted in advance of the Beavers coming out on the Saturday morning. As I’ve mentioned before, Beavers can only be away from Mum & Dad for […]

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The Scouting Trail

I saw this Tweet this morning from Don District Scouts about the book The Scouting Trail. The book is written by Scouts Ireland and is another useful book showing Scouting skills, and best of all it’s available to download for free! Take a look here. Many thanks to Don District for publicising this book!

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Something Silly!

I was sent this list over 8 years ago and found the email again the other day. See how many ring true to you – I. The number of matches it takes to get the fire going is inversely proportional to the number that were in the box when you started. 2. If you are […]

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I’ve been reading a few of my American Scouting friends’ blogs and they regularly talk about their Boy Led Troops. Also, there is this post from Lotta in Sweden about her Group’s and District’s Annual General Meetings. In both these cases, Scouts are given the considerable responsibility of either running their Troops or having a […]

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Think You Know Scouting?

This is a rather good new video from the Scout Association.

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HalfEagle.com / .co.uk

About 18 months or so ago (or was it longer?), I came across the website HalfEagle.com which gathers together news stories from all sorts of Scouting related websites and personal blogs. I thought it was a good idea and after picking up a lot more reading from it, I thought I’d submit this blog to […]

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