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Monthly Archive for March, 2011

Scout’s Photo Gallery

Ever since my Scout Group has had its own website, we’ve put photos on it to show what we get up to. This is a great way to show potential new members what activities we do and, of course, the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts like to see pictures of themselves doing stuff. If this is […]

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Camping in London!

Scouts are well know for their eagerness to camp in odd places, so as I sit on the train returning home from a weekend in London, let me give you four interesting places where Scouts can stay, and indeed, camp in London. Firstly are the two most obvious ones, Baden Powell House and Gilwell Park. […]

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An Old Scouting Postcard

A while back I borrowed an album of old postcards from my Uncle He has some postcards of the area where I (and he used to) live, as I wanted to copy them. Amongst these I found a postcard that I’d actually found for him many years ago. It’s a postcard produced by the North […]

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Don’t Raise Our Rents

The Scout Association has just launched a campaign regarding the raising of the rent paid by Scout Groups for the land that their Scout Huts are built upon. Many Group’s own their own building, and have done for many years, but the land they are built upon is often owned by their local council (County, […]

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Responsible Internet Providers

A couple of weeks ago I went to do the CEOP Ambassador training as a follow on to the Think U Know internet safety training I did in January. Over lunch, we had the usual time to ‘network’ and I got chatting to a lady from the mobile phone and broadband company O2 (quite what […]

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Shelterbox and Scouting

I was reading this post by Scouter Doug in which he talks about donating to Shelterbox. This is an organisation that “provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world who are affected by disasters at the time when they need it the most”. And they send all the stuff needed in a […]

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The Beaver’s 25th Birthday

This year marks the 25th Birthday of the Beaver section. Beavers have been official members of the Scout Association since 1986, but had in fact been around for some time before that. A younger section than Cubs was seen to be needed for some time and was done so in a similar way to which […]

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The Scout Association has closed down the Scoutbase website this last week and transferred its content to the Member Resources section of the main SA site. Scoutbase was the SA’s first presence on the internet and was started way back in 1996! Here is a short history of the site written in 1998, which I […]

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