In the Newspaper

Earlier this month, my local newspaper, the Sentinel, in its Way We Were section, carried an article about my Group’s Scouts who had been in the Troop and had been killed in the First and Second World Wars.

I’d originally written to the paper thinking they put something in the letters section and the result would be some extra info on those Scouts. However, they decided to run it as an actual article, which ended up with me being interviewed and photographed (and they chose the worst photo of me looking particularly gormless!).  The article isn’t available online, but you can read it below.

As a result of the article, someone got in touch to let us know of another ex Scout who killed in WW2 – see here, so he is now added to our Roll of Honour.

I’m now seriously giving consideration to getting our Memorial updated with an extension as we have six more names to go on it! There is potentially a seventh, but I’m having a bit of difficulty confirming the man I have info on is one of our Scouts. Time will tell one this one!

Been a Bit Quiet Recently…….


Sorry about the lack of updates, but I’ve been a bit busy with other things (mainly 2 small girls!).

However, Scouting hasn’t gone all quiet, in fact I have been quite busy. Two recent highlights have been the Beaver camp that I went on and the Group’s Annual  General Meeting / BBQ / Olympics event.

The Beaver’s camp was a really good weekend and had the theme of Space Camp! Yes, they did dress up as astronauts and even went into space in their own shuttle! It was a brilliant weekend and we had fun too.


This year for our Annual General Meeting, we decided to do something different.

To mark this year’s Olympics, we thought that we would stage our own games! After having a BBQ lunch the games began. All the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and parents(!) were split up into 5 teams representing a country from each continent. They competed in track and field events and even completed some swimming events. On dry land. Without a pool! The synchronised swimming event was particularly impressive!

After the games we all went inside for the AGM. Each section made their annual reports to let everyone know what has been going on in the Colony, Pack, Troop and Drum Corps.

As last year’s video report was such a success (so I was told), my Group Scout Leader’s report was again partially a collection of pictures of the activities that members of the Group have taken part in during the last 12 months. This is done so that I don’t repeat what has already been said and I don’t bore people to death!

So here it is –