The BSA Discusses

This week it has been announced by the Boy Scouts of America that they are discussing the removal of their restriction on homosexuals becoming Leaders.

As with our own consultation on allowing atheists to become Leaders here in the UK, it’s a very contentious issue and there will be a lot of arguments on both sides of the discussion.

But hopefully, in MY opinion, it will lead to adults being able to do Scouting in the US no matter what their sexual orientation.

However, I’m not a member of the BSA, so take a look at what Clarke Green has to say. As usual, he makes his point in a very eloquent and sensible way.

What do you think?

Climbing Everest

In 1988 I climbed Everest. Well part of it. On a scaffolding tower. In Stoke.

I think I’d better explain.

1988 was the year Venture Scouting celebrated its 21st birthday. If I remember correctly, throughout the year there were a series challenges, 1 per month for each Unit to do. October’s was the Everest Challenge which was for the Ventures to climb the height of Everest. My Unit, as part of the District did this by climbing a scaffolding tower that had been set up at Trentham Gardens for this event. We did in shifts of 4 people climbing (and descending and climbing again) and 4 on the safety ropes.

Everest is just over 29,000 feet high and I believe we completed the challenge. I think we might have done the challenge as a sponsored event.


What brought this to mind was that the family and I went to Trentham this morning and wandering round triggered the memory. So this evening I went to my photo albums to find the photos I took. However, for some reason, I didn’t actually take any – one of the few Scouting events I’ve been involved in where I never took a photo.

If anyone has any memories of the 21st birthday celebrations, please add a comment.

The Cubs Cook for Me!

One of the perks of being a Group Scout Leader is that as well as all the dull stuff (paperwork etc.), I get to do some nice things as well.

Last night, the Cub’s prepared a meal for invited guests to gain their Chef’s badge. The specially invited guests, me – Group Scout Leader, John – Assistant Scout Leader & Lisa – John’s wife, were treated to a starter of pate or soup, a main course of Cumberland sausages, potatoes, carrots and broccoli and a sweet of home made apple pie (actually made at the hall that night!) and custard. As well as cooking, the Cubs served the meal and provided tea to drink.


We agreed that we’d had a very enjoyable meal and it was very well cooked and presented.

Congratulations to the Cubs who earned their badges.

It was also very noticeable that the weather had turned for the worse and we were having a very heavy snowfall, but yet most of the Cubs turned up!

I have to admit that despite the heavy snow, the walk home was very pleasant!

2013 Census

Each year, every Scout Group, District and County has to collate various bits of information (mainly numbers of people in each Group etc.) so that the Scout Association knows how many Scouts there are in the UK and so they know how much to charge us for capitation fees.

Our Census for this year has now been completed and we have¬†88 members of the Group this year, which is 1 more than last! Through the past year there has probably been more people in the Group, but a lot of Scouts have recently left for Explorers! Of course with a lot of Scouts come a high capitation cost. If I’ve got my sums right(!), its going to cost the Group an eye watering ¬£2464 this year! However, Scouting is very cheap to parents when compared with, say, football clubs or dancing schools!

It’s great that we have so many in the Group (the most ever I think) and this is testament to the great programmes run by all the Leaders for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts!