HalfEagle.com / .co.uk

About 18 months or so ago (or was it longer?), I came across the website HalfEagle.com which gathers together news stories from all sorts of Scouting related websites and personal blogs. I thought it was a good idea and after picking up a lot more reading from it, I thought I’d submit this blog to go on the list. Now as it’s a US based site, Gregg the owner of the site, did wonder if people would be interested in what I wrote as I’m a UK Scout. However, he did put me on and a lot of people do pop by to read my stuff from HalfEagle.

Since then Chris at Jabbering has asked to go on and now Gregg has set up HalfEagle.co.uk for UK based blogs. So please go over and see all the interesting stuff written about Scouting both here in the UK and in the USA as well. And thank Gregg for setting it all up! You can sign up for the Facebook page and Twitter feed as well.


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