Terrorism, London, Glasgow, Chesterton & Bradwell!

Well it appear that some of the suspects from the weekends attacks in London and Glasgow lived in my area. In fact only a mile or so from where I live and very close to friends of mine!

What is it that makes doctors with a family want to blow people up and injure them? It can't be because they're Muslim, because Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion. Like all religions I suppose, people interpret things in a way that suits them. Never heard of a Buddhist terrorist mind!

I feel sorry for the kiddies of these people. If they are involved (and we must assume innocent until proven guilty), what will it mean to them? Mummy and Daddy tried to blow people up!

Also, it seems that the local F***wits are out in force again by hurling abuse to any person who may be Muslim – makes you proud doesn't it? 😉

One Reply to “Terrorism, London, Glasgow, Chesterton & Bradwell!”

  1. Good morning Nick,

    I, too, was shocked about that cruel attacks.

    I`m a Scout from Germany supporting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). I`m sorry, but I can`t consider Quran, Hadith and Islam as being a “peaceful religion” (your words).

    I`m neither anti-religious nor anti-muslim, but I know Islam. I think Scouting should encourage secular Muslims and Ex-Muslims, should integrate so-called muslim children (as well as jewish, atheist etc.) but should ban the veil (hijab) in their troops and camps.

    “The four major Sunni schools of thought (Hanafi, Shafi’i, Maliki and Hanbali) hold that entire body of the woman, except her face and hands”

    WOSM, WAGGGS ans all Scouts worldwide should reject Sharia, whether they consider themselves as being ex-muslim, muslim or something else.

    Please get informed about Sharia.

    And then take a decision: is Sharia in accordance with Scout Law or conflicting with Scouting? Maybe you`ll recognize: Scouting must raise its voice against Sharia.

    Always be prepared,
    Cees van der Duin

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