We Need a Quartermaster

On Friday I went with some of our Leaders to tidy up our Gear Store. This in part preparation for some new storage lockers and cupboards we are going to have built later in the year. 

Anyway, we managed to find the floor(!) and discover a load of kit that hadn’t been seen for years! We also found what was good, what was bad and what needed repairing. Actually, the only repairs needed are to four Tilley type paraffin lamps which need new glass globes. We threw our a load of junk and some old tents that were long past it. It was interesting to check over three patrol (ridge) tents we bought in 1984 & 1986. These are a little worn and have been repaired a few times, but, and this is the main thing, they are still useable! I would like to see some of our modern dome type tents last that long. That’s the thing with using ‘proper’ canvas, it’s heavy duty and easily repairable. I guess using these tent again and again is a sign of good Scouting – ‘Careful of Possessions and Property’ (Scout Law).

Once we’ve got our new cupboards etc. we will need to appoint a proper quartermaster to ensure we don’t get in a mess again!

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