Cooler weather and a happier techie!

Phew, it's much better at work today with the weather being a bit cooler, it's only 26°C in my office today! That's compared to 31°C on Monday! That's only 5° difference but that's a lot. 
Even with the window open and the fan on it was stifling on Monday. Must have been something to do with the hot weather, the 2 servers, the 24 port hub, printer and my PC being on! Trouble is the chances of getting air con in here are approximately nil. It took over a year to get air con in our other server room and that's with the servers falling over all through the summer! Such are the joys of working in education and not being a teacher! 
Oh well, I've just put up my Paraguay, Trinidad & Sweden flags to go with my German one! Let's see how long it takes people to see them!

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