Excuse me?????

Carol came into the kitchen this morning to tell me that there were workmen in our back yard! So I went out and asked if I could help them. They were there to do work on an adjoining wall between us and next door. Seems they have some damp.

The bloke I spoke to asked if Mr. Next Door had told us the work needed doing. Nope, not heard a peep.
Mind you that's typical of them. When we bought our house we went round to introduce ourselves and say hello. They couldn't be less interested. Their kids are little gits as well. They don't seem to think there is a problem when their football hits our windows, will wander into our yard without even thinking to ask and they smoke by our back gate and leave all their debris by our gate.

Basically they only care about themselves. Yell

Now I appreciate that they have to have work done to sort out damp, and have no problems with them getting it sorted. BUT, they should ask first. I should have told the workmen to go away! 

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