Teachers and Education

Last week I finished off a lesson I'd started a couple of weeks before with a Y5/6 class from one of our local primary schools. This was to design a web page using MS FrontPage. Now everything went well (even though I do say so myself!) and the kids did some good work.
Now I'm no teacher and this was my first experience teaching a class of kids. However the teacher thought it was time for her to do other work, so I was left, on occasions, on my own with the class! Ho hum!

Trouble is that I'm doing this lesson as a favour to the school and getting paid a damn site less than a teacher. Unfortunatley, if your not a teacher in education, you're considered not as good, as worthy or not worth as much money as a teacher. Of course, without support and technical staff, schools would grind to a halt.
Also why is it non teaching staff cannot become management?

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