Winding Down…….

Well, virtually all the staff here at work are. Everyone is saying 'Only one more week to go'. If I hear that again, I'm going to scream! :-@ Only five more to go from my perspective! Some of these people don't know how lucky they are.

I went to one of our local primary schools yesterday as they wanted a bit of IT advice. What they want, and to some degree need, to do is buy a whole load of equipment. However, they don't have the money. So how are they supposed to provide up to date IT for their pupils if they don't have the cash? They can't even afford to employ a technician on a part time basis to keep everything running.

Just to change the subject totally, I've managed to get a car in our garage this week! That's the first time in 3 years!! Had another clearing out session and we've bought a plastic mini shed thingy for some of the junk. I think the garage was built for an original Mini though. Even with minimal stuff in the garage, it's still snug!