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Monthly Archive for September, 2006

Etruria again

Just sent this letter to my MP about Etruria station. It's a year tomorrow since it was closed and nothing has happened- surprise…… Dear Paul Farrelly, It is a year tomorrow that Mr. Derek Twigg in his then job as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport closed Etruria railway station. This […]

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Grrrrrrr! Since July my internet connection has been playing up. This was after a supposed speed upgrade. I placed a call to my suppliers and it still isn't fixed! Even worse their LLU supplier has now killed off my connection completely. If they went any slower fix it, they'd be going backwards!

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I've been thinking how it would be interesting to become a Councillor on our Borough Council. The only problem is that I don't want to become involved in Party Politics. There seems to be too much squabbling going on and a lack of cooperation between the Councillors because they are in one party or another […]

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Helpers 2

Well after getting a press release in our local paper (although they did mangle it slightly), someone has got in touch. Just hope he works out!  

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Why is it people say that they will help out with Scouts, sound really interested and enthusiastic and then suddenly drop out? I've had this happen 4 times this year and it's starting to get annoying. Either you want to help or you don't, just don't string people along!

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We've been without our phone since Wednesday of last week, and there no internet. It made me think, of which of the 'utilities' could we live without for a period of time? Telephone – yes. Inconvienient but not critical. Water – no! Gas – maybe. Very inconvenient not to have gas as this means no […]

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Not a good morning

Just been to the funeral of a close friend’s Dad. Not good. Rest in peace Tony.

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11th September

Today is a day for remembering. From my point of view, the attacks in America five years ago are worth remembering, but it is not as important, to me at least, as the fact that it's my second wedding anniversary! Bits of debris including one of the aircraft that hit the World Trade Centre    […]

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Local Politicians

It's now nearly four months since the local council elections and things haven't settled down properly! In the elections for our Borough, quite a few Labour Councillors lost their seats and they lost control of the Council. It is now run by the Lib Dems and the Conservatives. The trouble started on election night itself, […]

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