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My name is Nick, I’m in my 30’s (unhappily no longer!) married (to Carol), we have two young daughters and live in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, The UK. I work in a special needs school as an IT technician.

I used to work for Asda for 13 years, but saw the light and escaped – second best thing I ever did. First was, of course, to get married!

I like real and model trains, messing with computers, taking photos (both real and digital), being in the countryside, music and Scouting. Somehow I’ve ended up as the Group Scout Leader of my Group and I’m also proud to be a Queen’s Scout (same sort of thing as an Eagle Scout for any Americans passing by!).

If anyone thinks I’m kind of geeky, I’m not really bothered!!


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  1. Hi Nick!
    Curious about your podcasts. My aim for 2009 is to get our group on the air on the local (very limmited) area radio for an hour a week. Podcasts are an option, as I haven’t found any Swedish scout podcasts at all. My questions are:
    What equipment do you use?
    Can you recomend any particular software? (got starter’s knowledge of Audacity… will that do?
    When one uses music, are there any legallities that one has to consider?
    Couldn’t you do a podcast on podcasting? Or did I miss that in your archives?
    Love to hear from you when you’ve got the time

  2. Nick found this on Google. Enjoy reading your blog site. No I don’t think you’re geeky, you might be considered normal over here in the U.S. I’ve started up a group on FB called “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Boy Scouts”, perhaps you or anyone you know would like to jump in and tell of your positive life lessons learned while in Scouting. I’ll try to attach a good link, but don’t know if it will come out right:

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