A few weeks ago, I e-mailed my County Councillor about the County's proposed pay restructuring. I won't loose out exactly, but my chances of promotion have diminished.
It's now over 4 weeks since I e-mailed and the ignorant sod hasn't replied. I know he's not ill or anything as I know he's been attending Council meetings. Had a similar problems with him a couple of years ago. It took a letter to the local paper to get him to wake up! 'Broken computer' was the excuse!
Now this is a man whose main career is politics. Last year he was given around £25000 (which includes around £2500 expenses) for the privilege of representing his ward. The only time you can see him is when he is promoting himself in the local paper! Useless! Trouble is we've got to put up with this fool until 2009 🙁
Typical of Labour in our area – they think they have the 'right' to be on the Councils!
Anyway I'll keep e-mailing – I wonder if he's heard about delivery receipts?