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Monthly Archive for December, 2006

Happy New Year

I’ve been a bit poor at putting stuff on here recently, but never mind! Happy New Year!

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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas!

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Nothing To Do!

Well we break up tomorrow and the whole School has stopped doing any work! To say I’m bored would be an understatement! Should have stayed in bed!

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A few weeks ago, I e-mailed my County Councillor about the County's proposed pay restructuring. I won't loose out exactly, but my chances of promotion have diminished. It's now over 4 weeks since I e-mailed and the ignorant sod hasn't replied. I know he's not ill or anything as I know he's been attending Council […]

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Feeling awful today after 2 hours sleep last night. I have a cold, although Carol calls it 'Man Flu'! +o(

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