We’ve Never Had It So Good

Today as I sit in my office, drinking my tea, waiting for a teacher to come in and tell me that their whiteboard isn’t working because they’ve put the USB plug in the network socket, I think how lucky I am.

On this day in 1918, my great grandfather, William Edgar Wood, was crouching by a wall in France when he was blown to bits by an artillery shell. He was the same age as I am now – 35. He has no known grave, but is commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission online and in the cemetery in Pozieres , in St. Georges Church in Newcastle and Stoke Station.

He died the day before his son’s, my Grandpa’s, 5th birthday – not nice.

So despite life’s annoyances, I guess things are not too bad…..

Good Weekend

Just had a great weekend in London. I went to The London Festival of Railway Modelling exhibition at Alexandra Palace with my Dad and uncle. Got lots of goodies for my birthday 😉

Carol and I had a wander round and went on a ‘proper’ London Transport bus – an RM!

A good weekend!


Bother! I'm gutted I won't be able to see 86101 on its test runs (got to be at work don't you know!) or on its railtour (I'm away). Would have been good to see it at Crewe!

Sky TV

Well, herself has finally got Sky TV in the house! The installers came on Sunday, didn’t ring beforehand, like they were supposed to, and didn’t install an extra phone point. They just left a long extension cable – so helpful!
Anyway, time will tell if it’s any good!

What Is the Country Coming To?

Labour seem to want to upset as many people as possible at the moment. Be it at a national level or local.
The Government have decided to give pay rises to nurses etc. lower than the rate of inflation! Makes me wonder how bad my pay ‘rise’ is going to be in April. You can bet that MPs award themselves a hefty pay rise!
The County Council have raised their Council Tax by over the rate of inflation, but Newcastle Borough Council have managed not to. Having said that, the Labour Councillors are saying that’s because they were in power last year! This came from my County Councillor who is also a neighbouring Borough Councillor. One of the other Labour lot said that if they’d still been in power, they would have had a lower increase, but declined to say what it would have been. This is the lot who increased the Council Tax by nearly twice the rate of inflation last year!

They still have it in their arrogant little heads that they should rule by divine right! Fools, they’re as useful as a chocolate teapot! 😉