Longport Station 2

Seems like some money is finally being spent on Longport Station see here. 

This is good news. However, it is noticeable that it is not Central Trains who are funding the work, but North Staffordshire Regeneration. Strange really as it was Central Trains who have not spent any money on the stations and made them unstaffed halts since they have had control of them. Having said that, they lose the franchise on 11/11/07, so it will be interesting to see what the new London Midland company and the new East Midlands franchise will do. They can't be worse than Central – can they?

Windows Vista

Well, last week I got my hands on my new laptop. I'd sent my old one off for repair and eleven weeks later(!), they decided that it couldn't be repaired so I was issued with replacement vouchers.
So now  I am now the proud owner of an HP Compaq Windows Vista lappy. Having read some not too complimentary articles about Vista, I was quite interested to see what it would be like. I remember Windows XP wasn't great when it first appeared and only truly became stable when SP1 was released. With SP2, it became very reliable. However, it should have been reliable from the beginning.
Anyway, back to Vista. So far so good. In fact I'm using it now to type this – still using Firefox with the Deepest Sender add on though!
I've always liked HP stuff and this is no exception. I've found a couple of things that aren't available for Vista yet. I've got a Netgear SC101 NAS drive that hasn't had Vista drivers released yet and Comodo firewall isn't out yet, but these are coming.
Vista is a bit 'prettier' due to the Aero interface (which is quite kewl to be honest) and it seem a lot more secure. Every time a programme or service needs to run, you get asked.
Time will tell how I get on, especially as SP1 is rumoured to be out in the  autumn!