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Monthly Archive for July, 2007

Scouting is ‘A Good Thing’

Reading through the various websites and newspapers yesterday and today, it seems that the general opinion is that Scouting is a good thing! Wow what a shocker! It's nice that the positive aspects are being promoted and not just the usual piss takes. Not a mention of Dyb Dyb Dyb (stands for Do Your Best. […]

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School Holidays

Well, we broke up on Friday and now have six week of holidays. Except we don’t! In a school, there are three types of contracts. Teacher. You are employed on a full time (or part time), 52 weeks per year contract and get 13 weeks holiday.  You are not expected to work in the holidays […]

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Virgin Lose the Cross Country Francise

Wow! Virgin have lost the Cross Country franchise to Arriva! One thing that struck me straight away is that they're promising to reintroduce HSTs! That's something Virgin were determined not to do and when they've hired one in they've apologised about the fact! I'll be fascinated to see if they improve the services and also […]

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Ink Costs

There is a full page advert in today's Sunday Telegraph from HP extolling the benefits of buying genuine HP ink cartridges over recycled ones! The thing that they forget is that the cost of their cartridges are so damn expensive! I seem to remember reading once that ink for printers is more expensive than gold! […]

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Well it appear that some of the suspects from the weekends attacks in London and Glasgow lived in my area. In fact only a mile or so from where I live and very close to friends of mine! What is it that makes doctors with a family want to blow people up and injure them? […]

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Well it's finally happened, smoking in public places is finally banned in England. Nice to see we're behind Ireland, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland though. It will be nice to go into a pub or pub / restaurant without coming out smelling like an ashtray! There is an argument by the pro smoking lobby that […]

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