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Monthly Archive for June, 2011

Beaver ‘Camp’

Last weekend I went to camp for my first full weekend with our Beavers. I’ve visited them while at camp before, but never stayed for the whole time. Now I have to mention here that I wasn’t in ‘full Leader’ mode as such while we were there, as Carol and Rachael (wife & daughter) were […]

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This week I’ve participated in two different uses of Twitter. First of all I was blamed by Scouter Jeff for his recent higher than normal tea consumption! My English influence reaching all the way to California apparently! This then descended into national stereotypes of me  preferring tea and more of my American friends preferring coffee […]

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A Monkey Emails

Seriously! Last night I got an email from Augustus Clibbon  who is a monkey and the mascot of the 3rd Ware Scout Group from Hertfordshire. This is the Group whose Scouts produced the video on how to tie a friendship knot which is very popular on my Group’s site. Augustus appears to be a well […]

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I was saddened and annoyed to hear that one of the Groups in our District had their Scout hut broken into just before the weekend and had some tents and lamps stolen. Luckily for the Group, this is more of an inconvenience than anything else, but that is not point. The running costs of their […]

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