Is Your Site Up To Date?

I asked which idiot is responsible for updating the website & found out it was you!

So ran an email I got from a work colleague the other day (it was meant jokingly – I hope!) with regard to a work website. I must point out here that I’m only responsible for putting stuff on the website and not actually creating the content!

But this led me to think about the various websites of Packs / Troops / Groups / Districts etc. that are out there and ensuring that they kept up to date and relevant (the work one is far from up to date, but my colleague is looking into that!).

I look at a lot of Scouting websites from the UK and from across the world and I find that a site doesn’t have to be flashy or have lots of special features on it to be a good website with relevant information. So as an example of a good site (picked at random from the ones I know), visit Pack 4363 from Wisconsin USA and for a (deliberately) bad site see this one!

The other thing to bear in mind is keeping a site current. It’s no use having the last bit of news or next forthcoming event being in 2007. If you know that your site isn’t going to be updated very often, put relevant information on there, but don’t put anything on that can date it. Then, just keep an eye on the site and make subtle changes when necessary.

Of course, the worst thing to see on a website is this –

If you’re going to make a site, don’t take it live or tell anyone about it until its complete.

The thing about having a website for your Group (etc.) is that you are advertising yourself, not only to potential new Scouts to your Group, but to the world in general! Most people will look up their local Scout Group, football club, dancing school etc. on the web first to see all about them, and first impressions count. A poor website can mean that people are put off you and will go elsewhere.