Remembrance Day Parade

This year for our Remembrance Day ceremony, we did something we haven’t done for quite a few years, we actually paraded from the Hall to the Church.

This was something we did regularly in the past, until we stopped parading around 15 years ago. However, we thought that this year as a mark of respect to all those who have died in wars (especially our own Scouts), we would parade through the streets again. Also, it’s a good way of reminding people that we’re around and how many kids do Scouting!

Of course a lot has changed since we last paraded through the streets, and so a risk assessment was done and the police were asked if they’d stop the traffic from running us all over! Luckily the police were able to help out and we were able to march safely. The Group’s Assistant Scout Leader borrowed a snare drum from the local Scout Band and played it to keep us (roughly) in step.

A nice touch from the Beavers was that they had made and carried poppies with the names of our Scouts who had been killed in wars on them. As we paraded to the Church, it was interesting to think that we were passing the actual houses where some of our Scouts who were killed in the First World War lived. To see that connection to the past and know about these men is quite humbling.

The Brownies and Guides joined us for the parade, but we did outnumber them somewhat!

After the service many people came to me and told me how well turned out and well behaved all the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts were. Indeed, all the Leaders were very proud of all the Scouts!

Please visit our site of Remembrance.

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