I'm getting fed up about the appalling standard of driving on our roads these days. I took my test in 1988 and again 3 years ago so I could drive the School's minibus. I passed both times first time! So I can say that my driving is at least reasonable.

In the tests there was some mention about speed limits, red lights, double yellow lines and the like. Thing is that it seems that most people choose to ignore such inconveniences. I've been overtaken on urban roads when travelling at 30 mph – the legal speed limit. You can see that these prats are annoyed to be kept to the speed limit.

Recently a local man was killed on his motorbike while he was trying to escape a policeman. Now, any loss of life in such circumstances is tragic, but he was trying to escape as he had no tax on his motorbike. If I remember correctly, he was a banned driver and had no insurance. But, and this is a big but, he was still prepared to ride his bike on the roads. This chap's family were blaming the police. He was prepared to break the law and endanger other people's lives, but it's the police's fault.

All this comes down to the idea the we live in a free country and that people can do what what they want. This is an excuse for basically being selfish. The idea is that 'I can do what I want' and sod everyone else and sod the consequences. It seems that no-one is bothered about anyone else now, just as long as they can do what they want and get their own way. What happened to social responsibility?