My Week

Phew, it’s been a busy week for this Group Scout Leader.

On Tuesday, I went to Scouts to see LOADS of badges awarded and to invest a new Scout and an Assistant Scout Leader.

On Friday, I saw all the Beavers give presentations to the whole Colony about their hobbies – very impressive for 6 – 8 year olds to stand in from of 28 people !

Then at Cubs  I saw a display of Morris Dancing, gave out loads of proficiency badges and then 8 Chief Scout Silver Awards (it should have been 10 but 2 Cubs weren’t there that night. Silver is the highest award a Cub can achieve!).

This is not to mention the work I’ve been doing for our Remembrance Day parade and that I’ve heard today that our Beaver Leader has been nominated and shortlisted for two community awards! To be honest, I knew she’d been nominated, because I nominated her – very well deserved!

With more things coming over the horizon, it looks like November and December could be quite busy!