Goodbye to an Old Friend

I was reading one of Scoutmaster Jerry’s recent posts the other day and it contains the news that PTC Media is closing its doors.

PTC hosted a number podcasts made by Scouters in the USA and was run by Cubmaster Chris. His show went out live on a Sunday night for a number of years.

I think I first came across PTC early in 2008 and the podcasts and the people who stopped by the forums gave me an insight how Scouting works in the US. One upshot of listening to the PTC shows was that in late 2008, I started my own podcasts which I did for 20 episodes over the course of a year. Sadly having a baby meant that I didn’t really have the time to produce any more.

And I guess that’s the reason Chris is calling it a day, other things in life take priority and it’s time to move on. Jerry says that the shows will be staying online so they can still be accessed. I guess some shows will keep going (Jerry’s), others won’t.

I always enjoyed the shows and did participate in a couple. I was featured in one of Jerry’s shows where he recorded a chat we had about the differences between Scouting in the UK and US and I actually won a competition run on the Leader’s Campfire show. I got a prize for that, but did feel somewhat guilty because of the extra postage they had to spend just to send it to me!

On a couple of occasions when I didn’t have work the next day, or I’d just fed a baby, I would listen live to Cubmaster Chris’ show ‘An Hour a Week’. It went out live at 9.00pm Texas time, which works out at 3.00am the following morning here. I think people thought I was mad!

So thanks to PTC and the friends I made through it – Chris, Jerry, Shawn, Steve, Jeff, the Misses and Buttons to name a few!

PTC Media is dead, long live PTC Media!