Kids Today!

When, in the media, young people are mentioned, it is normally that they’ve done something wrong and there is a lot of “tut tutting” and “the young people of today..” type comments.
There will always be the ‘wrong uns’ out there and sadly they are the ones that are talked about. Case in point, the two 15 year olds that vandalised the school I work at and caused £1000s of damage. But they are the exception not the rule.
This weekend a group of young people from my Scout Group, went to the National Memorial Arboretum to play their drums, bugles and glockenspiels in support of Armed Forces Day.
They played twice to many members of the general public and members of the armed forces both current and retired.
After each performance many people came up to me and the other Leaders to tell us how good and talented the young people are.
Of course I can’t take any credit for this as it is John, the other Leaders and helpers who go and help the young people to learn their routines and the young people themselves, who do all the hard work.
But, to be told by current and ex service personnel, that they are the best drum band that they have seen in years and how impressed they are that 8 year old Cubs can be that good, it is something!
So please watch the 1st Porthill Scouts Drum Corps in action and remember that there are some very talented young people out there!

A very proud Group Scout Leader 🙂