Camping with Cubs

Just back from a weekends camping at Kibblestone with our Cubs and those from 99th Berry Hill. We stayed in the Cub Lair (it’s too cold for Cubs to sleep in a tent at this time of year) which I haven’t been in for years. I managed to go in the sleeping / activity area before the kids arrived and it smelt like it did when I was a kid of 3 when Mum & Dad took me to District Cub camps! Can’t beat a good wooden polished floor!


The classic Cub Lair in the Autumn shot!

We had a good weekend and the kids were a good bunch and generally well behaved, well as much as 28 Cubs can be! The only exception was that they didn’t go to sleep properly until 3 am on Friday night! No such problems on the Saturday night though!

As we had a bit of a past, present and future theme going on, I finally got to wear my original 1930’s Scout hat I bought earlier this year.

Me in Scout hat

I had been feeling a bit jealous of BuffaloEagle, the Lone Star Scouter from Texas in the USA, as I’d been reading his Blog last week and in all of his photos there is a clear blue sky! All the times I’ve been camping this year, it’s rained! So of course as we were sleeping indoors this time, the weather was lovely, clear and not a drop of rain. It was a bit chilly, bit it is November after all! See here for all the photos.

There was a ceremony at the camp to commemorate an old District Treasurer that I went to while we were at camp. The District had donated some money in his memory to do up the archery area. Very nice it was too. While I was there though, I saw one of my old primary school teachers and his wife. I haven’t seen him for a good few years. He was taught at school by my Grandpa, he taught me and my sister and then some years later moved into the house next door to my other Grandma and Grandad! Small world really!