We've now completed the Scout's Christmas parties. Last week we took 30 or so Beavers & Cubs to see the Bee Movie at the cinema. They all had a good time and behaved really well, albeit a bit noisily (you have to hear thirty 6 – 10 year olds to believe it)!

Then last night I went with the Scouts bowling. Another good evening with some interesting new styles of bowling being exhibited by the Scouts!

But the thing that got me, was that one of the parents came up to all the Leaders and gave us all a Christmas present for looking after 'little Johnny' for the last year! I had to pick myself up off the floor!

In the 18 or so years I've been a Scout Leader of one sort or another, I've never had this happen. Normally, it's unusual enough to get a 'thank you' from a parent let alone a gift. Now of course, we don't do Scouting for personal gain, but the occasional Thank You is always appreciated. Especially after a week long camp!

Anyway, thank you to the parent for the most unexpected gift!