Rice Crispy Cakes

As a Group Scout Leader, I get to wear lots of hats. I’m in charge of all the Leaders in the Group (I’m their line manager don’t y’know!), I’m responsible for safety in the Group, I have to go to meetings to represent the Group and if something goes wrong, I’m the first port of call!

However, I do get to do the fun stuff with all the sections as well. So last night I was at Beavers and Cubs as their Leaders had gone away for the weekend. Cubs was fun, with a serious side as they were completing their faith badge. The main activity in Beavers last night, apart from investing two new members, was making rice crispy cakes! This is something I haven’t done since I was a kid myself but it was great fun – and very nice to eat afterwards! This was a nice, easy and fun activity for the Beavers to do and at least one of the Leaders (can’t speak for the others!) enjoyed eating his afterwards!