Different Hats

It's interesting how much of a day can be taken up by my role as a Scout Leader / Group Scout Leader (this isn't a negative rant by the way!).

This morning was part one of the District's archery competition. This was where each of the Troops was allotted 3/4 of an hour to practice their shooting. Not a bad thing as some of the Scouts, not just ours, had never shot a bow and arrow before. One of our Scouts, when he stepped out of the car, announced that he was going to be useless at it. Half an hour later, he was hitting the target every time. Mission accomplished. I don't think they'll win next week, but they will put up a respectable performance.

Once we were finished it was time for a quick chat with some of the District people and then home for lunch. Then it was time to type up the Scout's programme for the rest of the year, type up and sort out a few other bits and pieces, type up minutes and agendas and start to organise everything for the next executive committee meeting.

Before the archery, I'd popped round to see our Vicar to get him to sign a couple of Adult Application forms for some new Leaders. He was out doing a service at another Church, so I left them with Mrs. Vicar so I could pick them up later. However, my Mum saw him later in the day, so I got them from her (after helping my Dad to put a door back on it's hinges). Then it was off to the Appointments Secretary to hand in the forms.

Phew, all Scout related things finished for the day!

I do wonder sometimes what I'd do with all my spare time if it wasn't for my Scout 'jobs', probably things around the house :-(, but they wouldn't be as much fun!