Sunday Opening

Oh dear, according to my newspaper today, the government is bowing to pressure from the major retailers and is going to extend Sunday opening hours and let them open on Easter Sunday.

Is that extra day's opening going to make a huge difference to their profits? Is the fact that they can open for a few extra hours on a Sunday going to make that much difference? As it is now, most major shops are only closed on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday (although some are still closed on Boxing Day, but that's a diminishing trend).
Banks are now starting to open on Bank Hoilidays (the point of a bank holiday is that the banks are closed!) and HSBC in their wisdom decided to open their Telford branch on Easter Sunday. Give me strength. These companies say that they are bowing to customer demand and aiming to improve customer service. Cobblers! All they want, as usual, is to make more money. Once one company, for example, opens on Easter Sunday, the rest feel they have to follow suite as they can't 'miss out'. Trouble is, there is only a finite amount of money available. The other problem is that the more the shops open, the less time the staff get off. Whilst all the sad people are clamouring to go shopping on Boxing Day, most of the shop workers have managed to have a whole day off for Christmas. On the other hand the sad consumers with no lives who must shop till they drop, have got one to two weeks off work.
Get lives people!

How long will it be before the shops open on Christmas Day? I remember a few years ago when I worked at Asda Stafford, it was Christmas Eve and a woman came in at 17.45 when the store was closing at 18.00. She had a real go at one of the customer service managers, saying that she had just finished work and she had come in to do her Christmas shopping, there was no fresh food available and the store was closing in 15 minutes. She thought it was disgaceful. The customer service manager politley pointed out to her that she was still at work and she did her shopping some days ago. At the school where I work now, the term dates came out one day a couple of years ago. The Autumn Term finished quite late, a few days before Christmas, and some of the staff were whinging about how terrible it was that they only got a few days off before Christmas. I had to walk out of the room because I would have said something rude, as two years before I'd finished for my Christmas holidays at 18.00 on Christmas Eve and had a whole two days off!!

These people don't know how lucky they are (I must point out that I don't get full school holidays!). Just proves how selfish and stupid people are! So no to extra opening hours on Sundays and no to opening on Easter Sundays. Big companies, don't be so greedy and the general public, don't be so selfish and get lives!

p.s. Happy Easter!