Pancakes at Beavers and Cubs

Our Beavers and Cubs had pancakes at their meetings last night, as it was Pancake Day on Tuesday and most of them were cooked by me!

27022009364 [1024x768]

Action shot

The Beavers are too small to reach the cooker and to have them around hot oil is probably not a good idea either. It was a shame the Cubs weren’t able to make their own pancakes, but time was against us.

We did want to do pancakes with the Scouts last Tuesday, but a couple of our Leaders were not able to make it due to work commitments, so it was not to be. Next year maybe.

You can see that as I was cooking, I am wearing the high visibility safety neckerchief. We are nothing if not safety conscious! This was sent to us from a badge company and we all thought it is quite amusing.