A New Scouting Podcast

Those fine folks at PTC Media have done it again and created a new podcast! The new one is ‘Moms In Scouting Service’ and is a podcast ‘from the perspective of volunteering mothers’. Obviously, it has an American slant (odd that, as they are all Americans!), but it is still an interesting listen and puts across some good points – we’re all Scouts after all, no matter which county!

I’ve said this before, but I think the PTC stuff is always very interesting and very professionally produced. They are also a very friendly bunch who are welcoming to ‘us foreigners’!

BUT, they are American and not British, like wot I am! This is no disrespect to them, but I’d quite like to listen to something a bit more local to me as well. The only one I can find is Scouting Radio based in Dublin.

So I thought ‘Google to the rescue’ – not quite. Searching for ‘Scouting Podcasts’ brings up these results which shows up a lot of BSA stuff and a lot of Cubmaster Chris’s earlier efforts which he posted in various places (interesting to listen to). Doing the same search with the UK filter on gives these results which has my own very modest efforts at the top Embarrassed

It’s a shame more UK Scouters don’t do podcasts, or blogs for that matter, as I’m sure we all have a lot to offer each other.

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  1. I suppose that the Americans are more used to the technology and therefor have the advantage. Another reason could be that some of the guys accually get paid to be scoutleaders and therefor have more time on there hands outside of scouting, that we have to use to scrape the pennies together. Sometimes I get a bit envious, but on the other hand I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    One of my dreams is to get my group on the radio – To get all the units, all the kids, to work on a radio prodject for a term, and use the local station, and to make the programs into pods as well. I remember you posting a lovely little film that your Cubs had done – something like that, but about their scouting activities and what they think is important in life. I just have to get someone else interested in helping me execute the idea – I find that I’m great at designing projects, but then I lack the time, interest and drive to “close the deal”.

    I also, from a linguistic point of view, really like the expression “a listen”. I had never come across that before. I supose it’s logical, since you say “have a good read”.


  2. Nick,

    If you know any women in the UK who would like to discuss scouting the UK way with us, I know we’d welcome it. As this is the female perspective, and you have a program that includes both boys AND girls, female scouters in the UK would be great to hear from.

    Glad to get your thumbs up, and if there are more universal issues that you’d like us to cover, please let us know!

    MISS Emily
    Moms in Scouting Service (MISS)

  3. This sounds like a challenge you should tackle, sir! I know the MISSes and I have all discussed how we would like more information about Scouting outside of the USA.
    Show us what you’ve got! 🙂

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