A Kind Gift

My Group’s Assistant Scout Leader popped round to see me last night to drop off some Christmas cards and let me know how the Troop was getting on in my absence (I’m taking a break from day to day Scouting for the next month or so for obvious reasons).

As well as cards he had a small Christmas present for me from one of the Scouts. Now to get a Christmas gift from one of the Scouts is quite unusual and unexpected, but what makes it more so is who it was from.

When we restarted the Troop in March 2007, he was one of one of the original intake and after not very long, we had him sized up as a bit of a troublemaker. Not naughty or bad as such, but always in the middle of something and not able to listen or shut his mouth! We didn’t think he’d last too long.

Next month the District Commissioner is coming to one of our Troop meetings to present this young man with his Chief Scout’s Gold Award, the highest award a Scout can get! He’s also helping out at Beavers and is a very enthusiastic Scout! He still has a bit of a gob on him, but I think he’ll go far and even achieve his Queen’s Scout Award!

So thank you for the gift.