Internet Safety

One of the items on my weekly update email from the Scout Association caught my eye this weekend. The SA in association with Microsoft are running an online training session on internet safety for young people. This is aimed at Leaders who can then pass it onto parents so they are aware of the dangers on the internet.

I must admit I find it quite interesting that a lot of parents don’t know about what is out there on the net. Unfortunately, there are so many traps and pitfalls for young people to fall into on the net, it’s difficult for parents to keep up. I hope this session, which I’ve signed up for, will cover a lot of these areas.

It’s open to any adult of the UK SA and the details are here.

On a lighter note, the picture used to accompany the information (below) is worth a chuckle. It’s a picture of a laptop from about 1996! Nice and up to date then!!


After the session, I’ll post my thoughts.

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