Election Results

Well, that was interesting. Our council has gone to one with no one in overall charge (Labour were in control before) and a couple of quite high profile and long standing Labour Councillors have lost their seats.
I'm not surprised that the Conservatives won in our area. The Lib Dems haven't been very high profile recently, which to be fair was in part down to the health of the Councillor who stood down. Labour were contemptuous of the electorate as they didn't even bother to do any canvassing until two days before the election! So well done to our new local Councillor, just don't go quiet until the next elections!

One thing that is interesting is that in Stoke, next door to us in Newcastle, the Council has also gone to no overall control, but there have been a lot of people voting for the BNP. Bad move Stoke! 

It now seems that the Government is in a major mess and everyone is blaming everyone and his dog for their own problems!