On the Radio

Matt Hyde, the Scout Association’s Chief Executive, was on Radio 4’s Today Programme this morning talking in the business section about Scouting and the report published saying employers need to give people time off to volunteer (see here).

It was a very good interview and talked about the need for more adult volunteers, girls in Scouting and the chance to give young people exciting experiences.

Sadly at the end of the interview, the interviewer Justin Rowlatt, blew it by saying the infamous ‘DYB BYB DYB DYB’. More like DOH DOH DOH!’

For those of you who weren’t a Cub Scout after 1966, this was said by a Sixer to the rest of the Pack, followed by the Pack replying DOB DOB DOB DOB. This all meant Do Your Best & Do Our Best.

Which is why if people trying to take the p**s say it to me I tend to say, ‘Thank you, I will’! It confuses the living daylights out of them!

The trouble is there is still a perception, especially in the media, that Scouting is stuck in the 1950s and we still DYB and DOB, are Boy Scouts etc and haven’t moved on. Obviously nothing could be further from the truth. But this myth still persists.

Our local Gang Show were on the radio recently and of course the presenter said it. And last month on Radio 2 it started up during a discussion about Scouts. I mentioned on Twitter that the media people at Gilwell must get sick of trying to drag the media forwards over 45 years!

Sadly this will run and run and it doesn’t matter how we portray ourselves, it will still be seen as a part of Scouting.


You may have noticed a lack of anything on here for some time. This doesn’t mean I’ve been off line, but more of a case of being busy with my Group, District & County hats on! After updating a load of websites and posting on social media with multiple accounts (I have to remember who I am posting as!), I’ve normally run out of time. However, I’m still here and will be posting again.