Bucket Science

Bucket or Kitchen Science is where you can do scientific experiments without having to have lots of specialist equipment. As the name suggests, you only need stuff that is in the kitchen or just a bucket!

These are the kind of things that can be done with any age group in Scouting and the ones that tend to cause explosions or are really messy are the best! Of course some of these are best not done in your meeting place, but on camp due to the levels of mess and the fact that caretakers aren’t too keen on having their windows blown out!

My favourites are the Custard Experiment, Water Rockets (a favourite of the Cubs as well) and putting a mint into a bottle of pop. You can see loads of these type of experiments at this excellent site.

What got me thinking of this was a conversation I’m having with Scouter Jeremy or Hawk Eye (his name when he has his Beavers hat on) from Canada. We started emailing just before Christmas after Jeremy had contacted Cubmaster Chris’s show about Beavers and if they do the same in the States. I sent Chris a few comments, he mentioned them on his show and Jeremy asked Chris if he’d let me know he wanted to get in touch. So a Canadian asks an American for contact details for a Briton! Don’t you just love international Scouting?


Anyway, back to the point, Jeremy’s Beavers are doing a month of science stuff and he’s made a great video of the putting a mint in a bottle of pop experiment.

So here’s Jeremy in best Mad Scientist mode!

So have a go next time you’re out camping and show science is interesting and fun!

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