Leaders Meeting

One of my jobs as a Group Scout Leader is to hold regular meeting with all the Group’s Leaders. However, I haven’t been doing them recently. In fact the last one we had was 2002!

In my defence, other than myself there have only been around 2 or 3 other Leaders in the Group in this period, so they haven’t really been necessary. Today, we have around ten and this doesn’t include the Young Leaders. So last night we had our first one. We had an overview of where the Group as a whole and each of the sections are at, discussed getting Gift Aid from weekly subs and Leader’s training. One of the frustrating things is that we can’t start the new Leader’s training yet as all their paperwork has yet to go through (references are outstanding). On a positive note the Assistant Scout Leader is close to finishing his and gaining his Wood Badge and the Beaver and Cub Leaders did their first aid training last weekend. I can get the new Leaders to look at some of the online stuff in the mean time.

We also talked about having another family camp next year, which means getting the bookings made now and about having a BBQ for Leaders again in the summer.

Quite a productive meeting and yet it lasted only an hour and a quarter! I wish we could get some of the District meetings to do the same!